It's time to push boundaries... taking erotic photography out of the bedroom and into the streets.

Turning Risk to Risque

Through our innovative Urbanned Project of the past few years, we have sharpened our skills at pulling off creative erotic shoots in the middle of an outside, downtown environment.

This is not about indecent exposure. It's about creative poses, sequenced timing, and calculated angles ... just some of the ingredients that work to produce a novel and thrilling experience for edgy clients.





Erotique project shoots require planning and organization but they result in amazingly edgy shoots that will surely thrill your partner. "I don't believe you did that" is the typical response of the lucky partners of our clients. And they are right. You won't believe it either.

Don't settle for the boudoir world ... an industry designed to milk you of your money while producing cookie-cutter shoots that hold little more than an initial giggle reaction.

Get naughty, leave your panties at home, and let's produce something that gets your adrenaline pumping.

Your Choice

Shoots that work!

We match your level of exhibitionism with the right locations and pull together a shoot plan that delivers. We organize the shoots to be quick, careful, and discrete, so that only you and we know what is actually going on.

This is all about capturing the images you want, quickly and safely, minimizing exposure to unwanted eyes, and delivering shots that will make your partner's eyes pop!

Other than "mild", each shoot will have a photographer and female assistant and they typically involve a prior planning meeting and then one hour on location.

We’d love to explore your thoughts with you.

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