We are shutting down the dungeon studio due to the coronaviruse outbreak. This page will be update once we have further clarification!

Props, Lights. Action ...


Our collection of custom-built props makes a visit to the dungeon quite unique. While almost all are functionally correct and capable of serious restraint, their primary purpose is to deliver photographs that are exciting and memorable.

The four-poster bed with chains and restraints is the center piece of the configuration but it is ably supported by a cast of actors including a St. Andrew's Cross, Restraint Chair, Stocks, Cage, and Spanking Bench. Smaller props such as chains, cuffs, paddles, etc. are available to be used but clients are encouraged to bring their own favorites, if they so wish.


We use a range of Sony cameras and lens, all producing high quality imagery even in challenging light. This allows us to drop lighting to create a darkened atmosphere without seriously compromising the end- results.

Current cameras include Alpha 77 mark II, Alpha 68, and Alpha 65 and a wide assortment of wide angle, fixed, and zoom lenses. These all shoot at 20 to 24 Mega Pixel. For video work we use a Sony HDR-FX7 which captures excellent quality video on mini-DVC tape. We have a range of continuous and strobe lighting that allows us to adequately light the action throughout.