Model Assist

So, you would like someone to work with you in your shoot.

Professional Models

We can find you the right model to help you pull the perfect shoot together.

We have worked with a number of models over the past years and can locate an experienced model that can match the requirements of your shoot. Different models will work to different comfort levels, so be sure to identify the level your shoot is aiming for, prior to looking for the model.





Please understand that once the model has been hired, they must be paid directly by you at the beginning of the shoot and you must stay within the confines of the agreed comfort level. Models' safety and well-being is of prime concern to us and attempts to go beyond the agreed comfort levels will cause immediate termination of the shoot. You will still be responsible for both shoot and model fees.

Also, please understand that while we will assist in finding the model for your shoot, any agreement will be directly between you and the model and payment must be made directly from you to the model. We do not charge a fee or take any commission for our assistance and the contract is between the client and the model.

Ready to Book?


If you would like to be considered for our current pool of model-assist professionals, please contact us at and we will review your interest with you.